Dream holiday destination

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?  Would you want relaxing white sands or high action packed holiday?  Perhaps the snow is more your thing?  Imagine being able to plan your perfect escape all in one place?  Amadeus allows you to do this.

Before I had my girls I was lucky enough to travel to the Maldives.  The perfect white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and the pure escapism not to mention the perfect diving destination made the Maldives my dream destination.  I have been lucky enough to visit twice, once in June and the other December.  

We were told that visiting in June would be rainy and not very good weather but actually we had better weather in June than December.  Amadeus.net is capable of helping plan the best time to travel or even when the weather is best.

dream destination

Amadeus.net is also incredibly good for planning the cheapest time to travel too.  Planning your dream vacation and within your desired budget.  Alternatively you can take a look at other users dream vacations which can help inspire your choices for yours.  

Amadeus.net is really simple to use.  The layout is great and I feel very inspired to take a holiday.  Amadeus.net is not a transactional site, it is a planning site but I have grown a little addicted to looking at others plans and creating inspiration for my own.  If you are wanting some great insider information, ways to save some money on your holiday or even for some great inspirational ideas than Amadeus.net is definitely worth a visit. 

This post is written in collaboration with Amadeus.net

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