Review : Big works

Big works is a new toy range from Tomy.  They feature dump truck, cement mixer and rubbish collection lorry.  The range is based on Iveco's heavy truck line and are based on a 1:16 scale.  We received the rubbish truck to review.

What is impressive is that my 4 year old daughter at 15kg is able to sit and ride on the rubbish truck.  She loves to ride around on it and press the buttons which make the lights flash and a reverse noise.

The rubbish truck comes with an orange bin which can be tipped into the rubbish collection van by using the turning buttons on top.  There are lots of movable parts making it fun to play with.

The girls have even discovered that the doors open allowing them to put Doc McStuffins inside to drive

This is a great toy, although it is big and will feature quite a lot in our outdoor play.  It is well made as it will withstand my daughters weight, and it has also with stood some rough play from a 2 year old.

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  1. That looks great. I remember my son had a rubbish truck, although not this big, but he played with it for ages! Thanks for linking up with #Playtime


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