A rainy day at the farm

It was a rainy day today but my youngest wanted to see some animals.  We decided to visit the farm, and thought we would try a new one.  Matlock farm park is a new farm for us, but the site looked amazing and one I wanted to take my daughter to.

We arrived and was immediately greeted by the farm cat, my youngest was so excited by this and seemed to want to stay and play with the cat.

We headed inside [or outside as the case maybe] and began to explore.  There was a beautiful wooden pirate ship themed play ground but it was a little wet so we headed over to the meerkats.  My youngest had arrived just in time as it was feeding time.  She was given an egg and some meal worms to throw in, which she took great pride in doing.

We began to explore more of the farm following the trail, which is pushchair friendly.  I came across this beautiful face peering over the fence

My daughter loved that she could feed the animals and was allowed to interact with them.  The alpacas were normally too scared to come over to be fed but they came over for the first time to my youngest.  Even the baby, Poppy, came over and took food.

My youngest wanted to stroke all the animals, even the pigs!

I was impressed by Freddie, I don't think I have ever seen a red deer before.  He was very handsome

Of course you cannot visit the farm without seeing some cheeky goats.

Or in this case some cheeky Donkeys

There was even time to feed the ducks

and give carrots to the horse

Before we headed over to the small animal centre.  My youngest held a Rabbit, Guinea Pig and a chicken

 Before meeting a very cute Leopold Gecko

We had a wonderful day exploring the farm even in the rain and are looking to go back next week with her sister for the Halloween activities. 

This day I love a rainy day at the farm,

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