Britax King II LS - installation

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I have been impressed with how easy the Britax King II LS is to install. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and I have also put together a short video which hopefully will show how quick installation is.

Installation steps

1. Place the seat facing the direction of travel on the vehicle seat.
2. Push one of the grey release buttons and pull the seat shell as far forward as possible. I have found in smaller cars and those with lower roof this can be quite tricky.
3. Feed the vehicle seat belt through the two lower light red belt guides.
4. Ensure there is no twist with the vehicle belt and that both lap and shoulder parts are within the lower red light belt guides. Fasten the vehicle seat belt into the buckle.
5. Pull the diagonal belt on the opposite side to the vehicle seat belt buckle, this is to ensure the belt is tight.
6. Ensure the seat belt is tight. Using the lever at the side of the seat lower the seat shell. Be careful not to trap fingers.
7. The shell is securely in place once the red disappears and the seat is clicked into place.
8. Place seat belt into holder at side.
9. Check seat is securely in place.
10. Adjust head rest and recline as needed to fit child

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