Linked : Linky week 3

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week.  I love finding new blogs to read and enjoyed discovering some new linkies.

Linked is quite simple really, add any linky or post/photo that is part of a linky.  Linked will open every Thursday and close on Wednesday at midnight, it is a weekly linky of linky.  If you are currently thinking to yourself but my linky opens on a Monday so I will be far down the list, this linky works in reverse order, so the newest addition to the linky is in the no 1 spot.  This means the additions towards the bottom of the list are older and potentially linky that opened earlier in the week.

So add your linky.  Any linky that is added I will tweet a link to and comment on, and if I can I will join up.  Some linky I cannot take part in but if I can add a post to it I will do.  Any linky which displays the Linked badge, I will add the badge of that linky to my blog hop/linky/blog love page.  If you find a linky feel free to add it, you do not have to add your own.  If you simply have a post you want to share that is already in a linky then feel free to add that and I will comment on.

This day I love - Linked

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  1. shoot will add up Sunday round up sunday is that right?

    1. You are welcome to add at any time, It is in reverse order, so if you wanted to wait until Sunday that is fine

  2. Thanks for hosting. Have added mine in.

  3. This is awesome! I'd love for more people to join my #MomSayCheese photo challenge.

    I'll be adding your button to my blog's link up page over the weekend!

  4. Thanks for hosting! I'll add your button to my blog's link-up page this weekend :) I really need to make a button for my #MomSayCheese link-up.


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