Review : Spot a lot

Imagine a book similar to where's Wally? but aimed at younger children and with animals.  This is how I would some up Spot A lot.  The girls and I have had a lot of fun with Spot A Lot.  The book is written by Steve Smallman, and illustrated by Nicola Slater.

Spot a Lot sees the animals at a zoo escape and it is up to you to help find them.  Each page the number of animals to find increments.  This means it is a fun way to teach children to count.  On each page their is a hidden tortoise and my girls love to find him.  Our favourite page is with him on the trampoline.  You have to see the book to understand.

Each page also has a colour theme to it.  This means not only can I introduce counting to the girls but I can also discuss colour with them.  As this is done in a friendly and relaxed manner they are more receptive to learn.  Spot A Lot offers such a Lot.

The story is beautiful too, so if you simply wanted to read the story you could.  If you wanted to go more in depth you could talk about colour, count the missing animals or answer some of the questions hidden in the story.  Thanks to the wonderful illustrations the story is brought to life and the girls want to interact with it.  Spot A lot is a truly great book and one that should be on all Children book shelves.

We are part of Parragon Book buddy and have been sent this book as our September book.  These are my own opinions of the book. 

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