Pet shop bowl and bottomless bowl supplies

I really love trying the great variety of things we are sent to review, as do my girls.  Not much seems to get sent for our dogs though.  I was therefore really looking forward to the delivery from the Petshop , as this delivery was just for J.

J was very keen to get the box open

There was everything inside for him, treats and food.  

He was keen to give them a try

Petshop offer a great range for all pets not just dogs.  They sent us some great food to try.  I had never heard of Almo nature before, so was keen to see what J thought of it.  I will just say that I introduced new food to J in stages to allow his digestive system to get used to it.

Almo nature believe in making dog food using organic ingredients and to know the source of their ingredients.  They only use natural sources that are tailored for your dog.  I was sent their tetra pack which was incredibly easy to open and with no mess.  Squeeze and tear.  There was no offensive smells either which was a great change.  As I also did not need scissors to open the pack I could squeeze it into J bowl, making it easy to dish up for him.  Almo nature has a great range including a soup which is prepared in the packet and is perfect for teething puppies or older dogs.

The dry food we were sent was from Lily's Kitchen.  Lily's Kitchen has been voted the UK's no1 pet food since 2009.  They believe in natural and organic food and prepare fresh ingredients into their food.  J is not normally a fan of dry food but he ate all of Lily's Kitchen.

We also had a couple of treats to try.  The Eukanuba Healthy biscuits were a great size to give as a reward.  The Pooch & Mutt Charity Chicken Grain-Free Treats are a lovely handy size and perfect for playing find it, or for using as training. 

 Petshop offer an easy to use online system for all your pet food needs.  They even offer a Bottomless bowl subscription, meaning you never run out of pet food again.  J was very impressed with his Petshop delivery and I would highly recommend them.

We were sent a box to review, all opinions are my own [well as dictated by our dog J]

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