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Football season has well and truly started.  My husband disappears on a Saturday lunch time to return in the evening either happy [team won] or more often than not annoyed [they lost].  Whilst he is out though me and the girls get to spend some quality time together.  Either out and about or at home.  This is part of the reason I am trying to keep it a secret about TalkTalk new Sky offer.

TalkTalk ran a successful campaign recently which gave Sky Sports at half price.  Usually TalkTalk customers can access a Sky Sports Boost for £30 a month and Sky Movie Boost for £15 per month, with no ongoing commitment.  However TalkTalk homes can watch Sky Sports and Sky Movies for just £20, for three months.  A great deal.

TalkTalk homes have a flexible affordable option to dip in and out of the channels they love and at a better than half price deal.  Other deals include TalkTalk’s Essentials TV is half price for six months at £4.25, then £8.50, plus line rental. And Plus TV is just £9.25 a month for six months, then £18.50 a month, plus line rental. TalkTalk’s Plus TV package includes seven great Sky entertainment channels and a free YouView box, usually £299.

Please keep this to yourself though as I don't want the husband finding out, I kinda like the quiet time whilst he is out at football.

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