Cooking with eggs

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Before having my girls I could not stand eating eggs. Eggs in any form made me feel ill, poached, scrambled or fried I just could not eat them. I couldn't even stand the smell of them cooking. The only way I could stand eggs is if they were in cake or in meringues.

Although I'm not sure there is much egg white nutrition in meringues, they still taste lovely.

When I was pregnant with my youngest I craved fried eggs, and the smell of fried eggs. Yes very random for someone who could never even stomach them before. Since then I love eggs, in most formats. The girls love a dippy egg and soldiers, that's one of their favourites. At the moment I really love poached eggs. A favourite when I can is a poached egg and bacon on toast.

Since my taste buds have started liking eggs again there are certain things I look for, they have to be British lion eggs. The British lion eggs to me symbolise good quality eggs and good care over the hens that laid them. I also prefer to get my eggs from the local butcher. They not only have the British lion egg symbol on but they have the best orange yolk I've ever seen, perfect for dipping.

Do you have any favourites with eggs? Poached?scrambled?fried? Do let me know below.

I have not received any monetary payment for this post.  I was sent a Go Cook egg poacher in exchange for this post.  Words are my own opinions. 

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