A big question

We have recently been asked a rather BIG question.  

The team at Mark Warner have asked us

'We would like to know what is your perfect family holiday'

To answer this question it seemed fitting to ask the family

1. Eldest aged 4

Mummy can we go and see Elsa? Can we go somewhere to see Elsa?

When asked but would you not like to go to the seaside and play on the beach in the sun?  I receive the response, No I would like to see Elsa.  

So I ask her, It will be cold won't you be cold?

To which she replies singing 'The cold never bothered me anyway'

From this I can conclude her perfect holiday is somewhere cold, and hopefully where she can see Elsa.

2. Youngest aged 2

My youngest simply answers 'Minnie Mouse boat'.  It would appear that her perfect holiday is a Disney Cruise.  However I am pretty sure this is because it featured Minnie Mouse who she is obsessed with and is probably the most recent holiday that she can recall.

When her sister asks her 'Do you want to go see Elsa on holiday?' She replies 'Yes' 

Knowing my youngest she loves to copy her sister and loves to try new things.  She also loves her food and loves nothing more than asking for a cup of tea [warm milk] and a biscuit.  Which leads me to believe that as long as her sister is there with her and she can have her cup of tea and a biscuit she would be happy anywhere.

3. The Husband

My husband likes to see new places and try new things.  Going somewhere we have never been before and experiencing the culture. 

4. Me

For me the answer is easy, happy girls.  If the girls are happy then I am happy.  The perfect family holiday for me means everything is taken care of, there is no stress, no hassles and I have two happy girls who are safe.

To make the girls happy it would seem I need to take them somewhere cold and where they could see Elsa.  I am guessing seeing a place like Frozen would be good too.  The only thing left for us to do then is to decide where we are going and what new things we will discover

Then pack up our bags and set off on our journey

This post is our entry to become a Mark Warner ambassador 

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