Our festive Fireplace

We have a rather modern fireplace, there is no mantel piece as such which makes it rather difficult to make it look festive or decorate.  I am a big fan of lights, be it natural from candles or fairy lights and most of our decorations reflect this.  I also have to make sure that any decorations are both dog proof and child proof.

The top of our electric fire has a small ledge and I use this to place my Yoga Santa and some festive berries.  I don't want anything to hang down from here as is is where the vents are for the heat.  It is therefore tricky to place anything else on here.

Underneath the fire I have a small wooden ledge.  Usually we have cushions on here and sit on the ledge, but for Christmas I use this ledge to display the cards the girls have made, my Santa and Elf from Lapland and our advent candle.  I also use my star and leaf fairy lights to add a festive feel.

Adding a little bit of festive sparkle to my photos makes the fireplace feel much more festive

Even our spotty dog loves the festive feel and enjoys chilling in front of our fire.

Festive Fire Competition Entry

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  1. I love it, it's so modern yet festive x

    1. Thank you. I try my best with it but it is one of the most difficult to decorate


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