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Having made the decision recently to pursue a career I love and work freelance, I no longer have the security of a guaranteed income every month.  I love my work.  I love that I get to blog.  I love writing and talking with companies about Mumsnet Local and my blog.  I love that I can be creative with digital marketing ideas and I love that I can pursue something I really enjoy with social media management.  The best part of working freelance is I have time for the girls.  What I am not keen on is the uncertainty of income on a month by month basis.

With this uncertainty in mind I have been looking at a variety of ways in which we can save money.  Making simple changes and looking at options.  I wrote about TalkTalk recently and how they could save you money on your bills.  This piece got me thinking, how often do we check our other household bills?

All my household bills are done by direct debit and I go paperless, meaning I don't get a bill through the post.  Whilst this has both environmental and cost benefits the disadvantage is I have to physically log in and check our spend.  This takes time and effort but I wonder just how much do we either overspend or underpay our bills.

Santander infographic

I have been looking at ways in which our money could perhaps go further, things like cash back for utility bills.  I have done the usual swap to the lower rates but then I stumbled upon the 1/2/3 account from Santander

The 1/2/3 account offers a 3% interest rate and monthly cash back on utility bills.  There are a few conditions which need to be met to take advantage of the account but they seem achievable.  I decided to take a look at the calculator in more depth just to see how much cash back I could get on a monthly basis and the calculator estimates £80 a month.  That is £80 a month just for having a Santander 1/2/3 account.  £80 a month for not doing anything but banking with Santander, now that has got to be worth considering.

This post has been written in partnership with Santander 

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