Toddler, trams and theatres

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After completing my first park run on Saturday morning, I decided it would be a nice treat to go to the theatre. Music in the round had put on a show at the crucible in Sheffield, crazy creatures. The show sounded interesting, lots of audience participation, musical instruments and a story for both girls to follow.

Rather than driving into town we opted to take the tram. My youngest loved this. Not sure what it is about kids and trains/trams but she thought it was such a treat. She even got excited at seeing the pigeons in town, to her this was an amazing day.

The crucible is such a lovely venue, the theatre was quite intimate without feeling small. There was some lovely acoustics too. The cast came on stage and introduced us to the songs. It took a while for my daughter to warm up but she was soon participating with everyone else. My youngest needs more to look at and soon got a little fed up of watching the musicians and the moving slides on the Screen in front.

day at the theatre

My eldest really got into the stories, there were two in total. She loved the singing and the actions and it was great to see her so involved. I asked her which instrument she liked and she said the clarinet or oboe. It was a great way to introduce children to music and really lovely story. I think my youngest will get there, she just can't sit still at the moment.

music in the round

As we left my eldest started laughing, I asked her and she said because the cat hoovered his bottom. Quite clearly she enjoyed herself and loved the day spent listening to music in the theatre. It has certainly captured her imagination.

This day I love toddler, trams and theatres. 

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