Review : Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio

My eldest had seen a video featuring Beados glitter quick dry beads. She was really taken by the beads and the patterns they could create. Beados beads, to the mind of a 4 year old ae magic. They hold together with just a few sprays of water.

Beados glitter beads

You begin by placing your template under the disk. This shows you were to place your beads. Beads can be picked up using the tweezers provided or your fingers. Once you have your bead you place it in the position indicated to create the pattern and repeat until the pattern is created.

The process of picking up the beads my 4 year old found much simpler using her fingers than the tweezers where as I preferred the tweezers. If using your fingers make sure they are dry, otherwise they will stick to the beads.

working on beados designusing tweezers for designbeados beads
Once the design is completed the plate is sprayed with water and then placed under the dry station for 10 minutes. The dry station has a fan under it which even when touched by little fingers stops. My 2 year old kept touching the fan and it caused her no damage to her fingers. 10 minutes does seem a long time to sit when you are 4.

waiting for beados to dry

Once the design is complete and dry you peel from the plate and it is yours to display. There are display stands and glass suction pads to display the creations. You do need to be careful with them as they can come unstuck if you are heavy handed. Also if they are not dry they are sticky so leave until fully dry first.

finished beados design

The Beados glitter quick dry design studio came with everything needed to create several designs. My eldest loves to come home from school and sit and unwind creating designs. It is a great past time for her after school just to relax before bed.

We were sent a Beados Glitter dry design studio to review.  All words are my own opinion.

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