Volcanoes and not collecting stamps

After doing the park run in the morning I took the girls out for the afternoon to see the Octonauts Live.  The girls were very excited.  At first my eldest thought we were going to see the Octonauts at the SeaLife centre like we had done in the past.  She asked if we could collect the stamps again.  I explained that we were going to see them at a show and she seemed happy with that.

The Octonauts Live show is based on the TV show which both girls enjoy watching.  We arrived at the theatre and took our seats, both girls keen to watch the show.

Octonauts Live

The performance was really good.  It stayed true to the TV show, so if your little ones are fans of the show they will love the live stage performance.  All the Octonauts were there.  I loved that they had a screen behind the stage which had moving images.  This made it appear like the Octonauts were really underwater, as the fish moved on the screen or when they travelled the screen showed movement.  

There was plenty of audience participation and plenty to keep the girls entertained without being too fast paced. 

girls watching the Octonauts

In fact I have never seen my two year old so engrossed before.

youngest captivated by the show

When we got home my eldest started asking lots of questions about Volcanoes, as they featured in the story line.  I am now looking for ideas to show her Volcanoes.

This day I love Volcanoes and not collecting stamps 

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