Dennis the Menace soft play at the Old Brickworks

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We were invited to attend the opening of the Dennis the Menace play area at the old brickworks Brewers Fayre. The girls were very excited, we love going out for lunch and to try new places. The old brickworks is about half hour from our house and round the corner from the ikea at Leeds. We arrived and were surprised at how big the play area was.

The whole play area is Dennis Menace themed and I think you can always tell how good the play area is by how often you see your children. All I caught of my two were blurs as they ran off. 

The girls aged 2 and 4 had no problems on any of the equipment there, with perhaps the exception of the hanging bars. There was a separate area for younger kids and hiding in there was Dennis the Menace himself, along with Gnasher.

We were told by staff that the area is cleaned every day, and you could see it was clean and that you could hold a birthday party there if you wanted. The prices seemed very reasonable for a party. There was a face painter who was incredibly talented and the girls could not pass up the opportunity.

Whilst we were there we decided to have lunch. You can sit at one of the many tables inside the play area room, or a table outside the room. We sat outside the room right next to the windows and could see the play area but the noise was minimal, this is great if you are sat in the main dining area.

Our food was lovely and the girls enjoyed their lunch too. They loved the desert of an ice cream cookie sandwich!

Overall we had a lovely afternoon and lunch and would love to go back and play again.

Thanks to Brewers Fayre for inviting us to the opening of the Dennis the Menace soft play and for providing us with lunch.  All words are my own opinion. 

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