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Our spotty dog is a RSPCA puppy. We re homed her when she was 18 weeks old and you can tell how pleased she is. I am a strong believe in rehoming, as many animals are there through no fault of there own. We were invited to attend a VIP day at the RSPCA in Sheffield and jumped at the chance.

RSPCA cake

We were initially given a talk on the work they do at the centre, and I was surprised to hear all the extra training they do with the animals. How they work hard to add enrichment into their lives and the different games they play. It is often hard when you go to a rescue kennel and see the dogs barking, but think how you would feel stuck in that small space not able to do the things you want to do. These dogs need understanding.

We had a tour of the centre and got to see some of the dogs and cats currently up for adoption. The girls wanted to play with the cats and they were given time to spend with some of the younger cats, my youngest was in her element.

meeting the cats

I personally loved the cat which reminded me of bagpuss.

bagpuss cat?

If you ever get the opportunity for a tour of a rescue centre I would strongly urge you to go, it is a real eye opener into the hard work that staff have to do in order to re home animals. It is also great to get more of an understanding of what these animals have to go through on a daily basis.

RSPCA blogger group

Thank you to RSPCA Sheffield.

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  1. We really wanted to have a dog as my son is asking for one since he is 3 and he is almost 5 now. It is really expensive for us though and we cant afford it at the moment but we would definitely go here if we are ready =) #countrykids

  2. I think I would want to adopt them all! All my cars have some from the rescue centre, apart from our current one who just found us!


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