The 10K and a team challenge 10 update

I must admit my monthly updates for team challenge 10 have not gone according to plan.  Running over the past 2 months has took a few turns, good and bad.  Starting with the bad I lost my running partner so now during the week I run by myself.  It is not the same and I miss having someone to run with.

Now the good.

I have now managed to run three 5K sub 30 minutes.  I am so happy I did a 29:57, 29.41 and 28.47.  The 28 minutes was really hard work but worth it.  A 5K park run on a Saturday morning is now the norm and I really love the community that it has.  The pacing event really opened my eyes.  I was with the 26 and 27 minute pacer for the first 2.5K and the 28 minute pacer for 1.25K, the last 1K I seem to slow down, which is probably due to tiredness.  It has highlighted to me where I need to work and has given me encouragement to work on that last 2.5K in particular.

Today I ran my first 10K.  It is the furthest I have ever run, before that was the night run at 7.5K.  It was really hard work as it was all road.  Road running hurts my knees.  I am also currently full of cold and have a really bad cough so I was not expecting much.  Before the race I set myself three goals:

1. To finish the race
2. To not come last
3. To run at least 5K 

I finished the race with a time of 1:05:18 and was not last by a long way.  More to the point I ran the whole way, hills and everything.  My knees are now really sore and my cough is much worse.  I do however have a great sense of pride and achievement and a beautiful shiny medal

10K road race

I have no running scheduled in the diary now until May but am looking at trying to fit in another.  I look forward to my Saturday morning Park runs and cannot wait for next week.  Soon I will be opening up my sponsorship pages for my half marathon and marathon events and hope you can sponsor me, I have been working really hard.

This day I love the 10K and a team challenge 10 update

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  1. Congratulations on completing your race. It always feels great when you meet your goals doesn't it?


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