Review : The Peanut Butter Maker

We are a family of peanut butter lovers. Not just peanut butter any type of nut butter. A particular favourite is almond butter. I use peanut butter as a main source of fuel for my long distance runs. I find a peanut butter wrap really helped me for the ultra I ran a few weeks ago. I also love peanut butter and honey in porridge as fuel for breakfast before I even start my run.

In fact I found out a few facts about peanut butter

- Nut butters are high in protein and packed with vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin B6.
- It takes roughly 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of the luscious peanut butter.
- Peanut butter contains no saturated fat and can help lower bad cholesterol.
- Peanut butter is rich in antioxidants.

It is perhaps no wonder it works so well for long distance running!

Given the amount of peanut and nut butters we use a peanut butter maker is the ideal tool in our kitchen. Retailing at £36.99 from find me a gift, we were eager to put one to the test.

First thing to note is there is very minimal assembly and it is very straightforward to follow the instructions to assemble. We could not wait to begin making butter. You can choose whatever oil you like and you fill the orange dropper with oil. Nuts must have no shell in order to work, and the smaller you chop the nut the easier and quicker the process is. Also the process is quieter if you chop them small.  Chopped nuts are placed into the container and you simply switch on. Around every 10minutes you stir the nut guide and that's all there is to it.

Not the best picture in the world but you get the idea.

I actually found the whole process really quick and simple. The machine can be quite loud if you don't chop the nuts small enough, but you would expect that with any 'blender/grinder' type machine.

What I do really like is that it is small for storage so doesn't take up loads of cupboard space, or even work top space and it does look rather stylish too!

It is great that we can now make our own butter, this gives us much more control over what is added to them. Should we wish to add honey or anything to them we can do and we know the ingredients.  This makes it much healthier and also less wasteful too!

This has to be the must have gadget for any peanut butter or nut butter enthusiast out there. We certainly love ours!

This item was sent for review, all words are my own opinion 

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