Thank goodness for TalkTalk

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This Easter we were all very poorly. The girls and I had very little energy and on most days did not fancy doing much. We had some days were we could just about manage going outside but by early afternoon we would all be really tired.

On days like these and with the tired afternoon, the only thing we would feel like doing was having a cuddle on the sofa. We had topped up our TalkTalk bundle to include the half price kids boost which meant we had 16 extra channels to watch, including Disney, Nick Jr., and Cartoon Network. The girls would cuddle up with me on an afternoon and watch some of their favourite shows, giving their bodies chance to rest and recuperate.

Poorly youngest

As the boost was half price we also treated ourselves to a Sky movies boost. There was over 1,000 movies on demand including a frozen sing a long which got played rather a lot. Boost are flexible meaning we can add and take them off as needed. I am so thankful we have TalkTalk as they really did help us all to rest and recover from this nasty virus.

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