Wonderful sunny day

It has been a wonderful sunny day today.  I feel so lucky that I got to spend the day at home with my youngest daughter.  After dropping my eldest off at school we spent the rest of the day in the back garden.

Youngest in sun

This time 3 years ago I had just finished work and started my maternity leave.  I now have an almost 3 year old, who if you ask her how old she is she says she is six, who acts a lot older.  I love having the time just the two of us.  It was simply lovely playing in the garden today with her.

We picked my eldest up from school and the two of them played in the garden until bed time.

the girls playing in the sun

The dogs loved the sunshine too, although I think spotty dog has now got a taste for sun bathing.

J enjoying the sunspotty dog sun bathing

I do love these hot sunny days.

This day I love wonderful sunny day.

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