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My daughters have started getting invites for friends parties and I often struggle with what to buy for their friends.  Alongside this I have 8 nieces and nephews.  I find it difficult to buy for children who fall outside of my daughters ages.  Older children or boys, in particular, as my girls have their set likes [Frozen mainly] and outside this I am at a loss.

There is a toy store however which does not cater to parents, it aims at helping you find the perfect gift for your niece, nephew, cousin or friend.  Wicked Uncle orders its products by gender and age range.  This may seem a little strange, however when you stop to think about it it makes perfect sense.

When I shop for my nieces and nephews I often think, what do my 11 year old niece/nephew want for their birthdays [or something along those lines].  As this is the thought process for most people it becomes logical for a store to order its products this way.  Items are then ordered by popularity.  This then allows you to see exactly what the child you are buying for would, in theory, like. 

I found there to be a great range of products on Wicked Uncle, even things to suit the most fussy children.  The whole process was simple and easy to use.  Although the site is designed with buying for children other than your own, I did stumble across a few items for the girls too.

Wicked Uncle has certainly impressed me with its range of products and speed of delivery.  I shall certainly be purchasing from Wicked Uncle again.

I was sent a voucher to review the Wicked Uncle program.  All words are my own opinion. 

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