A Yumi new wardrobe

If I had the money I would take all of my clothes in my wardrobe to be weighed in and donate some of the money to charity.  I would donate the clothes to charity but to be honest I don't think they would want them.  

My current wardrobe consists of 

- Maternity clothes that I have not yet put away
- Clothes I wore during both my pregnancies and are stretched
- t shirts from various gigs I went to at uni
- Jeans

There is very little deviation from this, as far as I know I own no designer labels and my most recent purchase was a blue vest top from Primark because my the straps on my other vest tops broke and I needed it for holiday.  I neither follow or set trends instead am more than happy in my comfy jeans and t shirt.

Yumi have an amazing competition at the moment where they are offering £1000 in Yumi vouchers.  I could finally have the new wardrobe I so desperately need.  They want to know what 5 things I would swap from my current wardrobe.  

1. GAP brown jumper

I have a brown V neck jumper from Gap which I love, but the elastics have gone in the sleeves so I have to roll them up and the front is stretched as I wore it when heavily pregnant.  I would love to swap it for this embroidered jumper
2. Jeans

As much as I love my jeans [and I really do] I would swap a pair for this dinosaur print dress.  I would love to have the confidence to wear dresses more often and to have the option to bring some on holiday with me.  I love the print on this dress

3. Suits

I have a lot of black suits in my wardrobe which I used to wear for work.  Having not needed to wear them in over a year I think I should swap them for something that is still smart but I might get some use from.  I think this dress is perfect for smart occasions yet I could also wear at other times.

4. Jacket

I would quite happily swap my old black plain and boring rain jacket for this much more fun blue and white spotty jacket.

5. Uni T shirt

I think it is time that I swapped my old faded uni t shirt for something more up to date and colourful.  I love the colours on this butterfly t shirt and think it would make a perfect swap

What do you think of the items I have picked from Yumi? What would you pick?

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