Growl with the animals

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Growl with the animals is a book packed full of fun. There are 10 buttons each one with a related animal sound. Each page is packed full of colourful photography which helps bring the text to life. Growl with the animals also features sturdy picture tabs so little fingers can go quickly to their favourite animals and bring the noisy animal world to life.

Growl with the animals

My youngest daughter simply loves the book.  I think because it makes noise.  I can often find her pressing the buttons even when the book is in the book case.  This is great as it encourages her to go over to the bookcase and interact with the books that are there.

Of course all these animal noises also mean that when we go out for a walk we also have to growl like animals!

Growling on the bridge

Growl with the animals was sent to us as part of our Parragon book buddy.  All words are my own opinion

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