Drive with Diono

Diono are a brand I have admired for some time.  One of my biggest passions is car seats and car seat safety.  Diono encompassed all my passions within their brand.  Their products are world class and the engineer in me has great admiration for them.

I was thrilled to be picked as a Diono family member and to be given the opportunity to test some of the Diono range.  Whilst I have not been asked to write on my blog about the products I wanted to share them.

Ultra Mat Deluxe

My youngest daughter is a little messy and clumsy.  She often spills things in the car and leaves a huge mess.  The Ultra mat deluxe is a mat which fits the shape of the car seat.  You then place the car seat on top.  It has a great feel to it and not only is it non slip it is also very easy to wipe clean, or pick up and shake outside.  The Ultra Mat Deluxe has saved my car seats from some very messy situations.  What makes the Ultra mat deluxe really stand out is it contains a pouch which has a sun shade inside.  This sun shade can be placed over the car seat to stop it getting hot in hot weather.

The Ultra Mat deluxe even leaves adequate room for the isofix points and does not hinder installation of the car seat.

Stow and GO

The stow and go fits to the back of the cars car seat.  I found it a little tricky to attach the bottom straps but eventually figured it out.  There are plenty of pockets to hold most items needed for a car journey and are a great way to organise a car.  Better still they keep the car seat clean from dirty foot prints.

Travel pal

The travel pal fits perfectly on the middle seat of my car.  It gives the girls somewhere to store all the things they need on a car journey, such as books, magazines and treats.  It has two drinks bottles holders on the front, which my youngest struggled to get her drink back into.

There are some great net pockets on the side and inside features a divider with zip pocket.  It is another way to help keep the car organised. 

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