A Colourful picnic

After a rather misty start to the morning the sun finally shone through and the day began to brighten up.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to spend the day outdoors in the garden.  My youngest daughter loves playing outside and one of her favourite things to do in the sunshine is have a picnic.

She told me all the things she wanted:

Ham and sausage

Colourful food and bowls

The colours of the food gave us the perfect opportunity to try out my new bowls from red candy.  My new bowls are bright funky colours and add a unique touch to my kitchen.  The set of 6 sorbet pop bowl were perfect for our picnic.

youngest having a picnic

My youngest loved all the bright colours and it was lovely sitting in the garden in the afternoon sun listening to the birds.  

This day I love a colourful picnic

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