A feel good hit

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I am not sure were the summer has gone but the grey weather outside is making me feel quite miserable. I am certainly in need of some cheering up. When the weather is like this or I am feeling down I turn to food for comfort. Comfort eating and stress eating are two of my biggest downfalls. I love biscuits, cake and anything sugary and it is times like this that I reach for the biscuit tin.

This weekend (18th-21st June)Weight Watchers are in Dortmund square in Leeds, bringing their feel good Cafe to show us how we can eat healthier and still eat our favourite foods. There are feel good food to eat and competitions to be won with the #feelgood selfie.

Weight Watchers certainly cheered up my day today as I received a hamper of weight watchers goodies. The hamper even contained biscuits and chocolate, a definite needed pick me up.

Weight Watchers Hamper

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