National Iced Tea day

Did you know that today is National Iced tea day?  

I don't think they could have picked a better day, the sun has been shining here all day, it has been really warm and sunny.  A perfect summers day.  

Green tea is perfect to enjoy at any time of day.  Be it with breakfast or to unwind at night.  Green tea can even be enjoyed iced and you can add fresh mint, fresh ginger, honey, lime, lemon to give it extra flavour.  Tetleys even have a wide range of Green tea flavours,Green Tea & Mint, Green Tea & Mango and Green Tea & Passionfruit.  For an even bigger health boost, use Tetley’s Super Green Tea Immune (with added vitamin C) or Super Green Tea Boost (with added vitamin B6) – available in Tropical, Lemon & Honey, Berry Burst and Lime flavours.

Now that the kids have finally gone to bed I might even add a shot of rum into my iced Green tea!

I would love to know your inspirations for Green Tea, feel free to share them in the comments

Tetley Green Tea

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