The first recital is approaching

Back in September my girls started dancing lessons.  Both girls are in the same class and it is lovely watching them walk into dancing together.  Little did I know that the girls would be coming home and practising shuffle step on the kitchen floor, and good toes and naughty toes at every opportunity.

Some weeks they haven't wanted to go, a busy week has made them too tired and other weeks have seen them run out of school very excited by the prospect of dancing.  The past few weeks though they have started practising for their first dance recital.  My youngest daughter spontaneously burst into the song 'the sun has got his hat on' and my eldest is taking every opportunity to put on shows and plays in the garden.

the girls

As the weeks have progressed at dancing I have heard the same festive songs repeated along with 'Let it go', which of course the whole class seems to sing along to.  I am beginning to wonder what the recital will look like.  Hearing the songs but not seeing the rehearsal is playing with my curiosity.  I am excited to see the show and excited to seeing my girls perform, as other than the odd performance at home I haven't seen them dance.

I cannot wait to see how their first recital goes, what costumes they will be wearing and to see the routines to the songs I have heard each week.  

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