A day out with minion

I had the day to spend with my youngest today, I had planned to spend the day outdoors playing but she had other ideas.  Her big sister had gone to the cinema in the week with her friend to see Minions and as a result my youngest desperately wanted to go.  When I asked her therefore this morning what she wanted to do today she replied 'Minions'.

I was a little nervous about taking her to the cinema, she takes after me in wanting to always be on the go but as it was her choice and so we went.

It has never been just the two of us at the cinema before, normally her sister is with us.  She wanted some pop corn and I thought it would be a good way to keep her busy before the film started.

youngest at cinema with popcorn

She was really well behaved and sat through most of the film.  Getting up once to go to the toilet and only wanting to sit on my knee for the last 15minutes of the film.  I was really proud of her and I think we might be going to the cinema again

This day I love a day out with minion.

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  1. Aww! How lovely! I hope you enjoyed the film...My girls loved it x


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