Basil brush is back

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As a child I loved basil brush and I certainly was not alone. Basil Brush has celebrated over 50 years of entertainment and has been seen by millions of viewers all over the world since 1968. Basil is back with some booming videos and a brand new live stage show.

Basil has an online series with 32 shows which can be viewed here. They certainly had the girls laughing. The shows have also helped tor elite my childhood and get us ready for the live stage show. Basil is joined by his chum Mr Stephen and the show promises to be full of laughs, storytelling, and songs. The show is set to be fun for all the family.

Basil Brush live

I look forward to watching the show with my girls online and live this summer holiday

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  1. Oh, I used to love Basil brush when I was small! So this news makes me smile and brings back happy memories. :-)
    "Ha ha, ha ha, BOOM BOOM!!" :-D


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