Tractors and ice cream

We had planned to go for a run this morning but the rain set in and we called the run off.  The rain stopped mid morning and we headed over to Yummy Yorkshire for tractor fest.  Tractor fest was a lot bigger than we were expecting and had it been a warm sunny day it would have been perfect.  As it was it was incredibly windy and cold.  This did not stop the girls enjoying some Yummy Yorkshire ice cream.

The girls were in awe of all the tractors and we had several round of 'bobbing up and down on a big red tractor' sang as we walked around.  There were plenty of rides and a bouncy castle to keep the girls entertained, along with the cows to visit and the craft fair.  

tractors and ice cream

Despite the windy weather the girls really enjoyed looking at all the tractors and of course eating their ice cream

This day I love tractors and ice cream

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