From stones to seedlings

I love to be outside and spending time in the garden.  We have four very distinct areas to our garden:

The decking
The play area

I have had planters made for the decking and intend to use these to grow some fruit and vegetables.  The play area underwent a make over with the BIG project a few years ago and am still to make the sensory garden at the end.  The girls love running around on the grass and riding their bikes but the stones serve little purpose.

stones in the garden

I love to encourage nature into the garden and the stones certainly do not do this.  I agree they are low maintenance but I want to add colour into the garden.  I visited the local garden centre and purchased some perennial plants and also had a selection of plants delivered from Suttons Seeds

I am always a little wary about ordering plants online as you cannot see the quality of the plants you are receiving or how they will arrive.  The plants from Sutton Seeds arrived in a box clearly marked Live plants and with instructions how to delivery should I not be at home.  Inside the plants were well packaged to ensure they could not fall over and were in a great condition.

I unpacked my plants and lined them up outside ready to plant.

Sutton seeds plants

The plants were in a great condition and a great quality, I need not have worried about online ordering.  A few of the plants have started to flower and I am looking forward to seeing them grow.   

starting to flower

It was hard work to dig the stones and get the plants in the ground but I think my hard work will pay off.

from stones to plants

I am looking forward to watching the garden grow and seeing the change in the plants through the seasons.

This day I love from stones to seedlings. 

I was sent a selection of plants from Sutton Seeds to review and also purchased some from the garden centre.  All words are my own opinion. 

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