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As a mum I know how hard it can be to fit exercise into daily life. Some evenings after the bed time struggle exercise is the last thing on your mind, especially going out the house to a gym. In fact I really am not a gym person, I am far too self conscious and don't like to exercise in front of others.

Mummy workout offers a solution to this. Workout classes with a professional instructor in the comfort of your own home. Their are currently 5 workout classes of 4 types leg bums and tums, total body, stretch and yogi and their are 2 instructors. In the future there will be the ability to attend a pre recorded class but at the moment all classes are live.

Mummy workouts

Joining in with a class is easy simply press join this class at the start time and you will then be able to see your instructor live in a video feed, s little like a Skype chat, and the class begins. I have to admit to not feeling very comfortable with having a webcam on me, but no other students can see this camera it is simply for the instructor. The instructor can then see how you are doing on each exercise.

The classes are fun but they are hard work. I was a real sweaty mess after total body. I found the yoga class too difficult as I suffer with weak wrists. I broke both wrists as a child and cannot place that much pressure on them. I would say 25mins of the 30 minute class involved almost all body weight on wrists and my wrists are still in pain the day after this class.  The stretch class was really relaxing and gave a good overall stretch. 

Overall mummy workout is a great idea for those who are busy and struggle to find time going to the gym. The addition of roe recorded classes will be fantastic. If you would like to try mummy workouts for 7 days click here.

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