Fruit Picking Friday

The girls wanted to have raspberries on their cereal this morning but we had run out.  Rather than a trip to the shops we got dressed and went fruit picking.  

The girls loved exploring the raspberry canes that towered above them.  They looked high and low to find the ruby red raspberry.  

Looking for fruit to pickhunting low for fruit

seeking high for fruit picking fruit picking adventures

They filled their buckets with the bright red raspberries.

They had gotten a feel for fruit picking and soon wanted to see what other fruits could be found.  Their favourite was the blackcurrants and exploring between the rows 

Blackcurrant picking

We spent the morning picking fruit and exploring the farm.  The girls had a great time and are currently enjoying their raspberries for their breakfast!

This day I love Fruit Picking Friday 

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  1. That looks great. So much better than a boring old trip to the shop isn't it! They look like they had fun! xxx


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