The Little Kingdom

Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles is a Little Kingdom of Elves and fairies and we set out to find it.  The girls were incredibly excited to be going on a Ben and Holly hunt

getting ready to find the little kingdom

We arrived in a little place known as Halifax and it was there in a theatre around the corner that we came across Ben and Hollies

Ben and the Hollies

Ben and the 2 Hollies took us to sit down inside the theatre and got very excited

waiting for the little kingdom

Just then we found the little Kingdom of Elves and Fairies, and we could hardly contain our excitement

watching Ben and Holly

There was Ben, Holly, Nanny Plum, Gaston, the wise old Elf, King Thistle and even Lucy.  The girls laughed and shouted 'he's behind you', they screamed with delight as water was squirted into the audience and helped Nanny Plum make a Jelly flood.

Ben and Holly Live

Everyone loved finding the Little Kingdom and watching Ben and Holly.  The girls both asked why their voices sounded funny, as non of the characters sounded right but this was soon forgotten with the excitement of the show.  My eldest even spotted her Elf Tree in the activity program.

finding the elf tree playset

After visiting the Little Kingdom there can only be one thing the girls wanted to do when they got home and that was play with the Elf tree.

Elf tree playsetElf tree playset features

The girls love the Elf tree playset, the woodpecker reminds them of one of the episodes from Ben and Holly and they often recreate the scenes from the show.

giant woodpecker
I love the rotating duck machine.  The wise old Elf makes the toys for Christmas and it is an added bonus for the girls to be able to play out the toy factory in the Elf tree.

toy duck machine

 For two Ben and Holly fans the Elf tree is a perfect toy, as a secret Ben and Holly fan I also love the Elf tree playset.

We all had a wonderful day finding the Little Kingdom and finishing off our day with the Elf tree playset.

This day I love the Little Kingdom. 
We were provided with tickets to see Ben and Holly Live and with the Elf tree playset.  All words are my own opinion 

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  1. Oh wow! What a fantastic experience! My girls would love to watch Ben and Holly! The toy looks fab xx


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