Sing along with Dora and friends

The girls were rather excited by the prospect of singing with Dora and friends and had been practising renditions of 'Let it go' in the car.  We arrived at Smyths Toy Store for Dora sing along summer.  The girls spotted the sing along both and ran straight over.

Dora sing along booth

They were hoping to find Dora inside but unfortunately she was not making a guest appearance.  The girls were shown the video and were keen to sing and dance, they even got out a lollipop to act as a microphone.

sing along with Dora

The girls got a little camera shy with their singing but soon had fun dancing away

Dora and friends

The video has been entered into the prize draw for their chance to star on Nick Jr, fingers crossed.

This day I love Sing along with Dora and friends

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