A Birthday Zoo visit

This weekend my eldest turned 5 and for her birthday she requested a trip to the zoo.  We decided to visit Chester Zoo as I had great memories of visiting when I was younger.  The girls were very excited in the car journey over and could hardly contain their excitement when we arrived and they saw an elephant.

trip to the zoo

The girls wanted to see two animals, the first was a Hippo which unfortunately Chester Zoo do not have and the second was a giraffe.  My youngest daughter has a little bit of an obsession with Giraffe and to be honest I love them too.  They clearly showed their cheeky side when we arrived by seemingly asking the keeper to open the door.  No such luck so we saw them inside.

Next on our list of animals to see were the Penguins.  We arrived just in time to watch feeding time.  The seagulls also knew that feeding time was fast approaching and made a point of sitting higher than the penguins to get a better view point.

After feeding the girls were given a special treat and allowed to hold a penguin egg and penguin feathers.  Not many people can say they got to do that on their birthday.

We decided to finish our day in the butterfly house, which seemed a great way to relax after a busy day exploring the zoo.

We had a lovely day out at Chester Zoo, I only wish we lived closer so we could visit more often.  The girls loved it and my daughter said it was the best 5th birthday ever

This day I love a Birthday zoo visit

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  1. Do you want to add this post to #AnimalTales? You can either sneak in at the end today or wait to the next one which opens on Tuesday? Oh and I love the keeper at the giraffe door photo :)

  2. We're members of Chester zoo so we go all the time and always love it. They've just build a whole new section with a boat ride. It's not quite finished but I think it'll be amazing when it's done, definitely worth another visit.

    Daniel loves the butterfly house too and thinks it's funny to make me go in because he knows I'm scared of them.


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