A singalonga good time

Several months ago I saw an advert for Sing along Frozen and immediately went and bought tickets for the girls.  I wanted to treat them to a day out in the school holidays and knew that this would be something they would love.  I had not realised though that I had booked front row seats!

The girls did not know what to expect.  We were surrounded by Elsa and Anna and one Spiderman.  My eldest did not want to dress up this morning but my youngest loved that she could wear her Anna dress.  They knew something a little different was about to happen.

We were given a goody bag full of props and introduced to the points in the film when we had to use them.  Our grey balloons were the trolls and we had snowflakes to use for Let it go.  Different sounds to make for the characters and under instructions to shout 'Carrots' if we saw any carrots.  The girls were in awe when Anna and Elsa came on stage and I think this made them a little shy.

The film started and the characters appeared on stage at various points and for the songs to help us with the actions and the words.  200 children singing let it go, along with Elsa the film and their parents, accompanied by snow falling from the ceiling of the theatre is an experience I don't think I will forget in a hurry.

Sing along Frozen was a truly magical experience that I know I will not forget in a hurry.  

This day I love a singalonga good time

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