Butterflies before school

My youngest is no longer my baby, today we had a visit from school before she starts next week.  She is growing up fast, taller than her older sister and more talkative than most children her age.  It was a surreal moment having school round to discuss her starting next week.

I have also been updating her room, just a few changes here and there.  Taking down the nursery pictures and replacing them with pictures of butterflies and princess.  Tidying up some of the toys and adding new blankets.  Changing the light fitting to one which will last her for a few more years.

Her bedroom has a bird and butterfly theme, which has been adapted and added to from her nursery.  I have no desire to paint the walls as they colour scheme is perfect for her but the addition of new pieces seem to refresh the room.

I ordered a butterfly ball light from Valuelights as I felt it would be the perfect addition to my daughters room.  The light arrived with several pieces and at first glance I thought it would be complicated and take me a while to put together.

I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to piece together and within a matter of minutes I had completed the main shade.  All I had to do now was place the butterflies.

After 5 minutes I had completed the shade and loved how pretty it looked 

The Butterfly ball has certainly updated my daughters bedroom, and she loves showing off her new light to everyone who will look!

This day I love Butterflies before school

The butterfly light was provided to us in exchange for this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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