The Hilly 10K

As part of my Marathon training I have signed up for for some challenging 10K races in the next few weeks.  The first of these was the Cannon Hall 10K.  For those unfamiliar with the Cannon Hall 10K, this is perhaps one of the hilliest races [if that is a word] in my local area.  

I often drive the route and admire the views from the hills.  I will admit to admiring the views during the run but I hated running those hills.  Just as you thought you had got to the top another hill appeared.  It was one of my slowest ever 10K times however I did it and got round the course and am closer to the Yorkshire Marathon.  

Whilst I was running the 10K the girls took part in the 2K fun run.  A slightly less highly course but one just as challenging for those little legs.

I am incredibly proud of my girls for taking on the challenge, and more to the point asking to do it.  

I did want to share my marathon training update with you but having just downloaded a new app onto my phone it has wiped all my previous data in an attempt to sync together.  I am rather annoyed by this but it is one of those things.

Next month I hope to share more of a running update as I prepare for the last few weeks before the marathon

This day I love the hilly 10K

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