Top 3 essentials for Back to School

There are many posts at the moment about essentials for back to school but I wanted to focus on one for us parents.  We spend the holidays getting everything ready for the children that we often forget the essentials we need in order to make those school runs operate smoothly.  Here it is my Top 5 essentials:

1, Post it notes

I cannot live without Post it notes, I use them to remind me of all the important things.  If there is a permission slip that needs taking back to school I write on a post it note and stick the note by the door handle.  Then in the morning when I go to unlock the door to go to school I see the note and it reminds me to pick up the permission slip from the table [which is by the door but I forget to look or am in a rush to see].  This works for every important thing I need to remember for school.

2. Sticky tape

Your child will make 101 different master pieces within the first week of school.  For some reason all of ours come unstuck on the journey home.  Sticky tape is my essential item to stop those tears and to repair said master piece.

3. Tape dispenser

Invest in a good tape dispenser, not only for point number 2 but also you will find the number of parties invited to increase.  Therefore the number of presents that need wrapping increase as well.  Investing in a good tape dispenser saves a lot of time.

What are your essentials for Back to School?

Back to school essentials

Whilst I was sent a selection of samples from 3M all words are my own opinion. 

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