White Rose Pride

Today was the Great Yorkshire Run.  Within the run was a mini competition of White rose Vs Red rose and it was a matter of pride that the Yorkshire run the White rose needed to win.  All runners made their way to the start line for the 10K race.

The race took in some of the sights of Sheffield.  With a lovely downhill start and was pretty much flat until the end.  I ran the first 3K and then Thing 3 decided to use my bladder as a bouncy castle.  I walked for a bit to get rid of the urge and then set off, but the second I did Thing 3 started at it again.  Rather lucky for me there were toilets at the 5K mark.  I had to queue a little for them but it was either that or have a very embarrassing accident.  

The route then headed back to where we had started and it seemed to go much faster running back.  I knew what was coming though and didn't want to get too tired.  A lovely hill that lasted for the final 500m [Thank you to Pam from Run Mummy Run for allowing me to use her photo] 

I finished the Great Yorkshire Run in a time of 1hr 22minutes.  I wanted a sub 1 hr 20 so I think if you factor queueing for a toilet at 5K I probably did achieve this.

I had about an hour to grab something to eat and recover before it was time to run the mini Great Yorkshire run with the girls.

My eldest ran with her Dad, she was incredibly quick running the 1.5K in under 6 minutes and my youngest ran the course in 8 minutes.  I was really proud of them both and love that they both have a love for running.

Other than training runs and Park runs I have no other runs planned until the big one in 2 weeks, the Yorkshire Marathon.  I would love your support and you can sponsor me here.  

If you are wondering, Yorkshire won it was a White rose victory!

This day I love White Rose Pride! 

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