A HEXBUG Halloween party

The girls were excited to be having a HEXBUG Halloween party.  We made some spooky drinks and some spooky snacks and then got ready to have some Halloween fun with HEXBUG.  We had a special glow in the dark HEXBUG Nano for our game and some Halloween themed images.

We placed our HEXBUG mat onto a tray, so that our Nano did not escape and began to play.  The HEXBUG Nano would whizz around the tray on its 12 legs.  The HEXBUG Nano, is a tiny robot that the girls were fascinated watching whizz around.  My youngest thought it looked like a spider running around very quickly and loved watching it navigate round the board.

Each image on our board has points allocated to it and as the HEXBUG Nano whizzed across them we would add up the points.  The HEXBUG had 1 minute for each person to see who could accumulate the most points.  At one point it get a little competitive, but this added to the fun.

The final scores were very close and my eldest has demanded that we play again tomorrow.  She also wants to play in the dark so we can test how well the Nano glows in the dark.  I can see a best of three coming on!

Thanks to HEXBUG for sending across the Nano to play our Halloween game, all words are my own opinion 

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