A visit from the #hotterbus

Back in September we had a very special guest come to stay with us, the #hotterbus.  For a week the Hotterbus came with us on our journeys and took part in our day to day activities.  Anyone following my Instagram would have seen the pictures and the journey the Hotter Bus took and if you would like to see where the hotter bus is now follow the #hotterbus on Instagram.

The #hotterbus put on some running shoes and can with us on a very hilly 10K run.  Running is a big part of our lives at the moment and it was only fitting that Hotter bus came with us.

Meeting Mary Berry made hotter bus even more famous and their was lots of reminiscing over the week.

Beautiful warm sunny days meant the only thing to do was take a dip in the local pool.  Could not take photos inside but hotter bus had lots of fun.

Lots of meetings to attend and travel to do for work, but none of it phased hotter bus.

Even taking pride of place in several meetings

The #hotterbus had one final important journey to make and it was a top secret mission.  He came with us for our 12 week scan and my youngest could not have been happier.

The girls are missing #hotterbus we are following is adventures closely.

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