DocMcStuffins Pet Vet party

It was a cold and wet October day and a miserable walk home from nursery.  The mood lifted when my daughter realised her friends were coming over to play for the #DocMcStuffins Pet Vet twitter party

Our guests arrived and we began to play our first game.

Our guests each took it in turns to stick plasters onto Boo Boo.  A little like pin the tail on the donkey.  We had lots of giggles and dizzy fun.  Our next game was much quieter and was a memory game with Doc McStuffins pet vet bag.  The competitive spirit began to show as our guests all tried to guess what was missing from the Pet Vet Bag.

All these games were making our guests hungry so we took a break to enjoy some lunch.  Of course no party would be complete without Cake!

We took the opportunity to have a nice quiet activity after lunch and help Doc find Findo.

We could not believe it was time for our final activity of making the animals better.  Our guests had each brought along their animals to the party and took it in turn to make them better.  A wonderful afternoon on a rainy day!

This day I love DocMcStuffins Pet Vet party

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