Ideas To Cut Down Your Cleaning Time

Let’s face it, none of us love doing housework - but it needs to be done. However, recently, I’ve been looking at a few ways of speeding up the process. The quicker you can get things clean, the more time you can spend with your family, it’s as simple as that. So, take a look at these tips that I have learnt from experience or picked up on my travels around the web. Of course, feel free to offer your own in the comments.

Get the kids to lend a hand

Now I have one basic rule when it comes to cleaning - I never do it at the weekend. It’s the only time we get to spend together as a family, so everything needs doing before Friday night comes around. The problem is that during the week, there will be times when the cleaning needs to take priority. 

Obviously, this means less time spent engaging with the kids, so why not just ask them to help? They love getting involved and acting grown up, so don’t feel guilty about setting them tasks. Even if they don’t really help, it will help you keep them out from under your feet, which speeds up your cleaning anyway. 

Invest in the right equipment

Kitchen equipment tends to cause the biggest pain of all when it comes to cleaning, and two of the worst culprits are the fridge and the oven. Refrigerators and freezers should never be filled to capacity. It encourages spillages, and they won’t work as efficiently either. Plus, when it comes to wiping them down, you will need to take everything out rather than move things around quickly. So, if you’re cramped for space, try buying a bigger fridge and never fill it more than 75%.

Now, the oven. We have all probably cursed ourselves for leaving the burnt sauce on the oven rings for too long. And, make no mistake about it, those stains can take serious elbow grease to shift. So, make things easy on yourself by looking for easy-clean electric hobs instead. You’ll never look back once you have one! 

It’s the little things that count

Get into the habit of doing a little cleaning as often as possible. Breaking down big tasks into smaller chunks can make it seem a lot more manageable, and you will find that things don’t mount up as much. Nothing is worse than leaving things until they reach epically messy proportions. Once that happens, then you don’t just have to clean up, but you also have to make a plan for tackling it. Cleaning up as you go is a lot more instinctive, and once you get into the habit, you will be surprised how tidy the place starts to look.

Also, you should make a mental note of the activities that create the mess. Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t have a doormat, and debris from the outside is always coming in. Perhaps you allow the kids to have their breakfast on the sofa, but it causes a tremendous amount of crumbs, butter and jam to stain your carpet. Little changes in behaviour can often lead to the most noticeable results. 

Happy cleaning!

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  1. Sounds like I need a new fridge and a new oven!!

    The boys always enjoy "helping" me to clean, the trouble is that it send to take longer when they do. I need to train them better :-)


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