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On certain days of the week the girls have after school clubs to attend.  We can often be in a rush after school to get to the club on time and so dinner usually consists of something quick like baked beans or sandwiches.  It is too late when we get home for dinner, the girls are simply too tired so we need quick healthy alternatives for these nights.

It isn't just on the nights with clubs on, some evenings I myself am simply too tired.  Thing 3 seems to need all my energy at the minute and often I just do not have the energy to cook.  I feel really guilty as I try my best to eat healthy and give the kids healthy foods.

Kirsty's kids kitchen have come to our rescue recently, with 8 delicious new meals.  The ready meals are all ready in under 4 minutes in the microwave, contain no additives or sugar and I can actually pronounce all the ingredients on the back!  They are also gluten and diary free making it perfect for those with allergies.

The meals have been a great alternative to the usual beans or sandwiches which are quick to prepare.  I have even tried a couple myself.  As an adult they are a good size portion for lunch, but you would need at least 2 for dinner.  My youngest does struggle with the portion size for dinner and eats just over half.  My eldest eats around 3/4 .  Perhaps for the younger kids be aware of the size of the meal.

Overall though the meals have been enjoyed.  Some are preferred over others, I personally like the Moroccan chicken and chicken Korma, whereas the girls favourites are the lasagne and cottage pie.  Kirsty's Kids kitchen range are exclusive to ASDA and currently on a trial price of £1.50!

We received 8 meals to try from the Kirsty's kitchen range, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. These sound like great meals....Very handy when you are short on time :) x


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