Over the hills and far away...

Over the hills and far away, teletubbies come to play

All teletubbies need to get ready for a tubby party

 The best thing about a teletubbies party is of course tubby custard

Time for teletubbies, Tinkywinky, Dipsy, Laalaa, Po

The teletubbies love each other very much, Big Hugs

The girls were unbelievably excited about their teletubbies adventure.  We set off very early in the morning and caught the first train to London.  Upon our arrival we were greeted by face painting, tubby custard, teletubbies and play areas.  The girls did not know where to go first and what to look at they were in awe of everything.  Time seemed to fly really fast and it was soon time to take our seats.

We had been invited to see the new episodes of teletubbies which are coming to Cbeebies on November 9th at 7.25am.  The girls watched 2 of the new episodes and we had cries of again, again when they finished.  They follow the same and much loved format as the original teletubbies but with a few new additions.  Our alarms are set for the 9th November to catch more of the new episodes!

My youngest did not remove her Laalaa headband all day and enjoyed herself so much that for the majority of the train journey home spent it drawing Laalaa.

Time for Tubby bye bye

This day I love over the hills and far away....

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