Parragon Books : Fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson

Usually when our Parragon Book arrives I show the girls are we read them that night.  This months Parragon Book is slightly different.  I opened the envelope and was simply taken away by the beauty of the book.  The silver on dark blue, the details and every aspect of the book is simply beautiful.  I have decided to put the book away and give it to the girls for Christmas.

Whilst I am unable therefore to do a review in the traditional sense, as I cannot tell you what the girls think as they have not seen it, I can tell you that I love this book.  I keep taking it from its hiding place to sneak a look and read one of the eight classic stories by Hans Christian Anderson.  I adore everything from the illustrations in the book to its classic look and feel.  I am looking forward to seeing the girls faces on Christmas day when they open the book for the first time and watch their faces become enchanted by the classic stories.  I cannot wait to snuggle up on the sofa with them and read them the stories.

I apologies therefore that I cannot do a review as I normally would but this is a book that was too good and too beautiful for now.  This is a book that had to be given to the girls as a present and one which I hope they will treasure forever. 

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  1. That looks such a beautiful book....It is one to be treasured x


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